sacred crumbs

New York City Scapin’ Venture in Review:

|ate a lot of sugar| |walked the brooklyn bridge| |homemade bread baked by j.e. dependahl| |dough| |iced tea| |sweet city sweat| |subway surfin’| |sticker droppin’| |lots of talkin’| |old friends| |older friends| |new friends| |hugs| |babycakes| |tea| |even coffee, too| |strand books| |almost inked| |police encounters| |bushwick| |white castle| |saw cool things, like plants in bathtubs| |street art| |nutella scoops| |couch crashin’| |new toothbrush| |brooklyn art library| |the sketchbook project| |williamsburg| |bedford avenue| |andre| |baby turtles| |rain| |lots of rain| |new umbrella| |almost famous| |hot cocoa| |puddle jumpin’| |bought my girls a plunger| |soggy feet| |learned how to eat soup dumplings| |no fortune cookies?| |cocoanut flakes| |photobooths| |taco trucks| |ooogum boogum| |the L train| |printer matter| |knit bombs| |umbrella wars| |coffee shop catch ups| |pigeons| |end of the day concert glowin’| |liberty & justice| |cowboy boots| |chelsea| |happyhappiness

  • 8 September 2011
  • 27